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For the preparation of MDCAT, you should know the basic guidelines of every subject. When you take the guidance of every subject in a proper way, you can perform very well in the exams. So, for your basic understanding and concept building of every section, our online learning platform can help you. Our platform provides you each and every guideline of the subjects. Here we are starting with the MDCAT Physics hand-made notes. 

Importance of Shortlisting in MDCAT exam:

MDCAT hand-made Notes will assist you in

  • Shortlisting
  • Smart study
  • Hand-Made Notes
  • Save  and manage Your Time

Short-listing and hand-made notes are necessary for active and quality assured learning performance. So, start with MDCAT Physics hand-made notes and follow rules.

Checklist for MDCAT Physics :

1. Current electricity
 2. Electromagnetism
 3. Electromagnetic induction
 4. Electronics
 5. Dawn of modern physics
 6. Atomic spectra

 7. Nuclear physics

 8. Force and motion
 9. Work and energy
 10. Rotational and circular motion
 11. Waves
 12. Thermodynamics
 13. Electrostatics

NMDCAT and PMC Details:

National Medical and Dental College Admission Test (NMDCAT) is an electronically planned-based test for securing admission in medical universities.  It is managed in Pakistan as the national platform for students in medical programs. PMC is connected with medical universities which play a critical performance in any entrance test exams.

NMDCAT PAPER PATTERN details in short form 2021

The total number of M.C.Qs is 210

The duration of MDCAT is 3.5 hours
The format is  Computer-based MCQs
Minimum pass marks are 65%
No negative marking is processed in this process.
 Subject Weightage series
Percentage # of MCQs

1. Physics 26.5%…. 56 marks
2. English 10%…..  20marks
3. Logical Reasoning 5%…. 10marks
4. Biology 32 %…..68 marks
5. Chemistry 26.5%…. 56 marks

Difficulty extent of MCQs
Level of  Percentage
Easy level 20%
Moderate level 60%
Hard level 20%
Note: In the Chemistry, Biology, and Physics section,

  • 70% of the questions will be a recall,
  • 30%  of the questions will be application level.


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These Notes are made by Hand

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Download Your MDCAT Physics Hand-made notes :

You can download MDCAT Physics Hand-made notes easily by following this file in a proper manner.


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