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Tests are the best source for polishing your abilities. “When the student is ready, the master appears” (PROVERB). Polishing your skills by the proactive quality and assuring testing system. So, let’s start with the major subject “Biology”. Bio MDCAT test is here for helping your biology skills.

How to prepare Bio MDCAT Test?

It is a vast subject in the scientific world. It deals with living organism’s structures and functions. CELL function ad structure is examined under this subject. Human metabolism can also study in it. Bio means life basically the study of living organisms. The question which arises in every student’s mind is ‘how to prepare biology for entrance test preparation “. We are here to help you by supplying notes, test and tips, and tricks. You can easily prepare your bio ENTRANCE TEST.

We can easily prepare this by following important tips and tricks which are given below :

  • Shortlisting.
  • Handmade notes.
  • learning and writing important points.
  • Watching valuable Videos.
  • Visualize and practice important diagrams.
  • Performing our biology MDCAT tests.
  • Go through the details exam pattern.
    •  FSC  and A LEVEL concepts can make you more skillful in entrance tests. FSC is an intermediate education for students. For MDCAT and NUMS aspirants it is necessary that you should pay dire attention to your studies for getting admission to medical university.
  • Revise your basic concepts.
  • The most important tool for the preparation of MDCAT is practice, practice, and practice. When you perform the biology MDCAT test from this platform, it can improve your practice for the bio portion.

About NMDCAT and PMC:

National Medical and Dental College Admission Test is a computerized based test for admission in medical universities.  It is conducted all over Pakistan for getting admissions in MBBS and BDS programs. PMC is Pakistan Medical Commission that conducts NMDCAT. It is linked with medical universities and plays important role in entrance test exams.


Total # of MCQs: 210

Duration of MDCAT: 3.5 hours
Format: Computer-based MCQs
Minimum pass marks: 65%
No negative marking
 Subject Weightage
Percentage # of MCQs
1. Biology 32 %…..68 marks
2. Chemistry 26.5%…. 56 marks
3. Physics 26.5%…. 56 marks
4. English 10%…..  20marks
5. Logical Reasoning 5%…. 10marks

Difficulty levels of MCQs
Level Percentage
Easy 20%
Moderate 60%
Hard 20%
Note: In the Biology, Chemistry, and Physics section, 70% of questions will be a recall, and 30%
will be application level.


1. Bio-diversity (acellular life/variety of life)
2. Bio-energetic
3. Biological molecules
4. Cell structure and function
5. Coordination and control/nervous & chemical coordination
6. Diversity among animals
7. Enzymes
8. Evolution
9. Life process in animals and plants (nutrition/gaseous exchange/
10. Prokaryotes
11. Reproduction
12. Support and movement
13. Variation and genetics/inheritance


Can we upload MDCAT Notes?

If you want to contribute and help others. via your MDCAT Created stuff shortlisting notes books etc. medical colleges entry tests, students

These Notes created by Hand

  • Image Quality is checked by our dedicated Team
  • Notes are according to the syllabus
  • reference to notes are clear mentioned

if you have any questions or want to contribute please contact us.

Bio MDCAT Test (B-1 ) 2020 | Stars Academy for NMDCAT

Biology MDCAT Test (B-2) 2020 | Stars Academy for NMDCAT

Biology MDCAT Test (B-3) 2020 | Stars Academy for NMDCAT

Biology MDCAT Test (B-4) 2020 | Stars Academy for NMDCAT

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