10 Best Medical Schools in USA – 2022

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List contains every single detail of city, fee & their website link. If you want more information, like their education, degrees durations, admission processes or about scholarships, please click on their names or follow the link.

Medical Schools in USA

Institutes Site City Tuition Fee
1. Harvard University Link Boston, MA $64,984 (full-time)
2. New York University (Grossman) Link New York, NY
3. Duke University Link Durham, NC $61,170 (full-time)
4. Columbia University Link New York, NY $64,868 (full-time)
5. Stanford University Link Stanford, CA $62,193 (full-time)
6. University of California-San Francisco Link San Francisco, CA $36,342 (in-state, full-time)
$48,587 (out-of-state, full-time)
7. Johns Hopkins University Link Baltimore, MD $56,500 (full-time)
8. University of Washington Link Seattle, WA $37,760 (in-state, full-time)
$69,186 (out-of-state, full-time)
9. University of Pennsylvania (Perelman) Link Philadelphia, PA $59,910 (full-time)
10. Yale University Link New Haven, CT $64,864 (full-time)
List of medical Schools in USA – 2022

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